Imagine concrete jungle, heavy traffic, pollution and city-stress replaced with all the best that rural and coastal living has to offer. You'll be rewarded with the perfect blend of lifestyle, opportunities and services.

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What makes the Lifestyle Region truly special and unique is that it gives you easy access to the best of South Australia from one place. As well as having physical beauty and lifestyle of the country and coast, people living here are able to enjoy some of Australia's finest cultural and social experiences including:

  • World-renowned local produce food and wine festivals
  • Cosmopolitan restaurants and cafes serving local produce and wine
  • Local growers' markets and country fairs
  • Performing and visual arts events/exhibitions
  • Film and music festivals

And because a major city like Adelaide is on the Region's door step, anytime you need something from the big city, it's there within easy reach. Find out more

It's where real living begins

In SA's Lifestyle Region, any day of the week can feel like the weekend. As commuting times are only a few minutes for many, some hit the water to swim, boat or fish less than an hour after finishing work at 5pm.
Others are content to simply sit back after work and quietly take in the sheer beauty and tranquility of their unspoilt country and coastal surrounds, as they remind themselves how lucky they are to live away from the rat race.
The Lifestyle Region is the perfect place for children to grow up. And it's not just because of the area's low crime rates and safe communities. There's something about living around open spaces that encourages children to be healthy and active. Whether that's getting involved in team sports or doing the simple things we all used to enjoy as children ourselves (before video games took over) like riding bikes, going fishing, collecting or just exploring and discovering new things.
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Work-Life Opportunities

To find out more about Work-Life Opportunities, contact Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North
Phone:1300 742 414

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As well as the detailed information contained within this website additional information on the Yorke and Mid North Region of South Australia can be found at RDA's Yorke and Mid-North website.