Discovering new things

No matter what you and your family enjoy doing there is always something new to discover. The combination of country and ocean opens up a wide choice of things to do and enjoy.
The country has its hills, forests, conservation parks, wineries and towns which make for a great touring in the car and enjoying the sights. The ocean and its beaches are grea destinations to relax and swim or for those who like to be on the water many forms of boating activities can be enjoyed.
For the energetic the region supports a wide range of sporting activities. No matter what sport you play you will be able to find a club with which to participate.
The region also supports a huge range of Festivals and Cultural Events. You will never run out of things to see and do.
Many people comment that the region allows them to enjoy a great relaxed lifestyle without the hustle of a big city but when the time comes to visit Adelaide, it's a comfortable drive.