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Moving to the Lifestyle Region

Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North recognises that its future rests with the people living and working in the region.

Many people have moved to the region attracted by the beaches or coastal scenery along with the farmland, bushland and the magnificent scenery of the Flinders Ranges. The cities and towns offer great services and facilities which makes for a great lifestyle for you and your family, yet you are never too far from the capital city of Adelaide.

New industries are evolving in the fields of wind farms, mining, intensive farming, agriculture, aquaculture, building and construction and so on. These industries and projects need skilled people. Along with these industries new people will be required in the service sectors e.g. health and education.

The attractiveness of the region goes unquestioned with a huge number of tourists coming into the region. What we now want to do is make the region a residential destination as well as a tourist destination to enable our current and emerging industries to grow and add wealth to the region.

Naturally to grow we need skilled people and to do this will be a two pronged goal of up-skilling existing workers and attracting new people to the region.

In terms of new people we will be aiming to get former locals to return, people from within South Australia, people from interstate, plus people from overseas. With this aim in mind we thank the Department of Trade and Economic Development for their financial support of our Population Attraction Project.

Should you be thinking about a move or change in lifestyle we would be happy to hear from you.