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The Mid North Regions encompasses the Council areas of the Northern Areas Council, the DC’s of Orroroo/Sarrington and Peterborough and the Regional Council of Goyder. Northern Areas Council is located in an area about 200km north of Adelaide and 60 km east of Port Pirie with Peterborough to our north and Clare to the south of the district. The region is experiencing strong housing demand as people relocate to its vibrant rural districts, characterised by stately ‘turn-of-the-century” homes. The district is a strategic link for visitors commuting to or from the popular Flinders Ranges and is also adjacent to the major east-west road link from Sydney to Perth, and includes a section of the Indian Pacific rail line. Orroroo/Carrieton is a region filled with character and plenty of community spirit. Situated in the Flinders Ranges, it boasts some of the entire region’s most spectacular views and places of interest. Peterborough was settled to service the agricultural and pastoral endeavours of the 1870s and is a town characterised by picturesque “old world” shop fronts of the main street (with all of them on the one side of the road!). The magnificent town hall and the Steamtown precinct are a microcosm of Peterborough's proud Rail Heritage. Residents and visitors love the the clean, open-space feel of district. The Goyder region is named after George Woodroffe Goyder, whose renowned Goyder's Line traverses each of the former council districts of Hallett, Burra Burra, Robertstown and Euduna. National Highway One runs along the western edge of the region, providing good links with Adelaide and major centres to the north and west of the State.


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