Peterborough has a population of 1,683 and is located approximately 250km North of Adelaide just off the Barrier Highway which is the main East-West link between Sydney and Perth. The town was originally settled to support the agricultural and pastoral endeavours. The economy later grew with the expansion of the railways. The railways have since disappeared but the era has been preserved at Steamtown which is situated in the original railway workshops at the western end of the town and are now a significant tourist drawcard. The town’s infrastructure was built for a greater population than it currently has due to the winding down of the railways and the council is aiming to boost the economy of the town by concentrating on developing tourism and becoming a service centre to the mining sector as well as the farming sector. The council has worked hard to improve the appearance and lifestyle of the town. Surrounding Peterborough is amazing scenery including dramatic red soils, rolling Bluebush hummocks and the forested ranges of the pastoral regions which merge with the tamer greens and gold’s of the cropping land. Peterborough has plentiful and extremely affordable housing and rental accommodation. Peterborough Hospital and Health Services operates a hospital and an emergency service including general medical and surgical care, a range of allied health services, birthing and operating theatre facilities. Education is well covered starting from the Community Preschool and Rural Care Services, the Peterborough Primary School which boasts over 125 years of education, Peterborough High School and a TAFESA Learning Centre located in the community library.

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