Natural Environments

 Natural Environments
Southern Flinders 
DC of Mount Remarkable
Quaint towns, towering river red gums and flocks of galahs, sheep and wine country.  This area is the furthest north wine producing region in SA
Port Pirie Region 
Port Pirie Regional Council
Servicing the mid north and the mining industries, Port Pirie is an industrial service city recognised by the lead smelter structure and the foreshore development.  Surrounding local areas are rolling hills, hidden national parks, great for day hikes and bike rides, Baroota Dam, kayak off Weroona Island inlet on the calm waters of the Spencer Gulf, secret spots for locals.
Mid North 
DC of Orroroo/Carrieton
Orroroo is typically dry and arid. With an average rainfall from 1868 to 2006 of 333.8mm.  The mean maximum temperature is 24.7°C and the mean minimum is 13.6°C. Rolling hills, great off-road driving in the Bendelby Ranges, and Horseshoe Range.  Small local national parks, lots of farming land, wide open skies.
DC Peterborough
Arid outback areas
Northern Areas Council
Quaint towns, picnic grounds, regular events, air shows, Country Shows, cropping, so green after rain, but pretty brown and dry most of the year
Regional Council of Goyder
Picturesque rolling hills and plains, rugged gorges, arid outback areas
Clare Region 
Clare & Gilbert Valleys
Fertile treed plains, lush rolling hills, timbered ranges
Wakefield Regional Council
Valley Plains
Copper Coast and Barunga 
DC Barunga West
DC Copper Coast
Coastal Urban
Yorke Peninsula 
Part DC Yorke Peninsula (Part 11567)
Southern Yorkes 
Part DC Yorke Peninsula (Part 11567)