Lifestyle Strengths

 Lifestyle Strengths
Southern Flinders 
DC of Mount Remarkable
Quiet/peaceful, small community, good place to raise family some young families and 'outdoorsy' activities for young kids with lots of freedom.  Some funky businesses in the towns - Melrose Hotel live music and contemporary food/atmosphere, coffee.
Port Pirie Region 
Port Pirie Regional Council
One of the 'hub of the region', affordable housing wide ranges of styles. Close to industry and lots of work for trades and retail workers.  Large Arts/Cultural Centre and bus station for links to Adelaide
Mid North 
DC of Orroroo/Carrieton
Very quiet, quite isolated.  Get to know your neighbours REALLY well!
Community spirit strong, Orroroo done lots to be involved in tourism in the recent past.  Clean, well serviced, good customer service, friendly people, love to have a conversation, open to 'outsiders'.

Attractions include:
Giant Gum Tree, Early Settlers Cottage, Tank Hill Lookout, Aboriginal Carvings, Orroroo Historical Society, Goyder's Line, Walloway Train Memorial, Magnetic Hill (can watch your car roll uphill!), Black Rock Conservation Park, Horseshow Range, Carrieton Rodeo, Carrieton Campdraft
DC Peterborough
Outback scenery, country hospitality, Railway heritage, History walk
Sporting / leisure facilities
Northern Areas Council
Country Shows, more affluent town, old money, agricultural, peaceful, young families, big sporting community, nearby is quaint town of Laura, famouse for its Folk Fair and Jamestown hosts Annual Air Shows.
Regional Council of Goyder
Beautiful scenery, heritage buildings, mining heritage
Sporting / leisure facilities
Clare Region 
Clare & Gilbert Valleys
Beautiful scenery, heritage buildings, wineries, Gourmet food
Walking/cycling trails
Sporting / leisure facilities
Wakefield Regional Council
Developing marina, launch point for fishing boats, Port Wakefield is the second oldest port in South Australia.  Historic town of Two Wells has a wealth of Heritage Buildings.  Mallala well known for its national and international motor sports events.
Copper Coast and Barunga 
DC Barunga West
Coast, quaint country buildings, parks and reserves, peaceful, quiet.

Waterfront view for housing developments.

Undeveloped Foreshore area, boat ramps (x3)
DC Copper Coast
Coast, Growth area
Yorke Peninsula 
Part DC Yorke Peninsula (Part 11567)
Coast, tourism, fishing, surfing, diving, snorkelling, boating and swimming.

A variety of historical sites including Inneston Township, two underwater maritime heritage trails, Port Victoria Jetty and a host of museums.
Southern Yorkes 
Part DC Yorke Peninsula (Part 11567)
Coast, surfing, fishing.
Pristine environment, sand dunes, clean beaches and national parks.
Wildlife - emus, kangaroos.

Live where the locals holiday.