Southern Flinders 
DC of Mount Remarkable
Agriculture (sheep, cattle, wheat, barley, canola), Viticulture, Retail, Wholesale, Accommodation, Hospitality, Property and Business Services, Transport, Education, Health, Communication, Tourism, Finance and Insurance
Port Pirie Region 
Port Pirie Regional Council
Mineral Processing, Agriculture (sheep, cattle, wheat, barley, canola) Fishing, Wholesale, Retail, Accommodation, Hospitality, Transport, Business Services, Education
Mid North 
DC of Orroroo/Carrieton
Agriculture, sheep farming, some tourism
DC Peterborough
Northern Areas Council
Agriculture (sheep, cattle, wheat, barley, canola) Viticulture, Olive Oil, Fresh produce, Construction, Business Services, Retail, Wholesale, Transport, Education, Health, Finance and Insurance, Tourism
Regional Council of Goyder
Agriculture, Tourism, Copper processing
Clare Region 
Clare & Gilbert Valleys
Wine production, Tourism, agriculture,
Light manufacturing
Wakefield Regional Council
Agribusiness, poultry, pig processing, growing
Copper Coast and Barunga 
DC Barunga West
Broad acre farming, Agriculture, Forestry & fishing, Transport & storage, Retail services, Light engineering
DC Copper Coast
Agribusiness, Tourism, Retail, Hospitality
Yorke Peninsula 
Part DC Yorke Peninsula (Part 11567)
Agribusiness, Tourism
Southern Yorkes 
Part DC Yorke Peninsula (Part 11567)
Agribusiness, Tourism, Aged Care