Overseas migrant

The Lifestyle Region of South Australia is a welcoming place for people migrating from overseas. An area proud of its cultural diversity, the Region has a history of fostering links with new and existing migrants.

While the process of international migration can be daunting, the people of the Region and the structures in place will help in making the process as straight-forward as possible.

The South Australian Government has developed a range of services to help skilled migrants settle quickly and easily. There are a number of Visa options available including:
- General skilled migration
- Employer sponsored migration
- Business migration
- Family migration
- Overseas student migration
- Investor retirement

A good first step in assessing the options available and to look into Visa requirements and to generally find out what help is available, is to visit the South Australian Government “Make the Move” website at www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/home.jsp