Employment & business

Job opportunities abound right throughout the Lifestyle Region, whether it be a professional career path or part time, top-up work or something in between. Or you might have it in mind to start your own new business.

The breadth and diversity of the local economy means that there are openings for a whole range of skills and personal aspirations. The region is, of course, the gateway to South Australia’s booming mining industry and all the earning potential that this represents – both directly and in associated and supporting industries. There is the vibrant and ever-popular tourism sector, built around the beautiful rolling countryside of the Clare Valley, the near-outback ruggedness the renown Flinders Ranges, this historic mining precinct around Burra and elsewhere, and of course the wonderful, almost endless beaches of the Yorke Peninsula.

Then there is the viticulture and wine-making of one of the world’s premier, cool-climate wine producing districts, co-existing with the general agricultural excellence of what is often referred to as the heartland of SA farming!

Small business, retailing, tertiary industries and a broad range of government services all operate for the benefit of the local economy, providing continuing work opportunities for professional, skilled and unskilled workers alike.

For more information on job opportunities, visit Work-Life Opportunities

Thinking of starting your own business?

The Region has a vibrant and growing economy with great potential for new businesses. If you are interested in starting your own business in the Lifestyle Region, there’s lots of useful information and practical advice to help get you started at: http://www.southaustralia.biz/ (Doing Business in South Australia website), or

enquire by email to info@yorkeandmidnorth.com.au or phone 1300 742 414 for a response by one of Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North’s Business Development Officers.