Because housing is so affordable you'll get a lot more house for less money in the Lifestyle Region.

The median house price in the Region is $288,000 compared to*:

$353,000 in Adelaide, $527,000 in Sydney, $410,000 in Melbourne, $399,000 in Brisbane, $430,000 in Perth, $450,000 in Canberra, $315,800 in Hobart and $455,000 in Darwin
* March 09 quarter REIA

You’ll be amazed that here you can buy a house with lots of land, views and space for the same or less money you might spend on an ordinary house in large cities of Europe and Asia.

Potential homebuyers may also have access to the unique South Australian Government home loan scheme called HomeStart Finance. This offers a variety of products and services with great features such as low entry costs and even low or no deposit loans. More information at www.homestart.com.au
Note that various eligibility and other criteria apply.

If choosing to rent, you find that rental costs in the Region are significantly cheaper than cities in eastern states of Australia.

For more information on current housing opportunities in the Lifestyle Region, you might care to visit:

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